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February 6, 2016

Ralphy Unleashed Podcast #15

Ralphy Unleashed Podcast
Ralph's Experience traveling on NYC Subway System,a complete lack of security
Ralph thinks Donald trump made a huge mistake not appearing at last Iowa GOP Debate
Donald Trump addresses supporters after Iowa Caucus 
Ralph has exclusive Donald Trump clip
Senator Ted Cruz Iowa Speech
Donald Trump accuses ted Cruz of STEALING Ben Carson voters
Democratic Debate Hillary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders New Hampshire 2/4/16
Exclusive Ted Cruz Clip
The Godfather Himself Endorses Donald Trump,
Bill Cosby Criminal Trial WILL Proceed
Aunt Ableleen Revisit The show
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January 30, 2016

Mr & Mrs English Podcast

Mr & Mrs English Podcast 
Great shows on AM radio
IMUS in the morning, Curtis & Cuby, Michael Savage, Mark levin, Hannity, Rush
Donald Trump " My dad gave me a small loan of a Million Dollars "
Paul Le Page Outrage ,reminds us of Rob Ford and some of his wacky statements
Abe Vigoda Dead at 94, not a prank this time 
Chris Christie Insults young woman and State of New Jersey at New Hampshire Rally.
" Do you want me to go down there with a mop ? "
Donald Trump implies Megyn Kelly is on the Rag
Trump Skips last Fox Debate and explains why 
Momma Waldi News
Children find woman frozen in snow still holding shovel in New Jersey
911 call made by Paranoid Pot Smugglers
Hover boards Fun and danger an Unpleasant mix
6 year old boy rides Hover Board, which then burst into flames. Mother injured trying to extinguish board and front door. Father Outraged .
Iron Mike Tyson Former Heavy weight Boxing champion of the world takes a terrible tumble off a Hover board.
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January 25, 2016

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Mr English Reviews Marvel's Jessica Jones
I Have watched the series "Jessica Jones" on NetFlix with one episode to finish, and wanted to give my review and comparison of the show Jessica Jones with the Original Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics "ALIAS" to help fill in Blanks of this characters life which may or may not be present in the Netflix Original series.
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January 20, 2016

English Reeves Podcast

English Reeves Podcast
Mr. Reeves rejoins the show.
God Bless Ralph The Comedian
Caprice Down - Oddisee
Ralph The Comedian outraged because he was forced to miss the show by Mr. English
President Obama roasts Donald Trump at White House Correspondence Dinner- 2011
Political careers align
Mr. Reeves not amused by President Obama's jokes
Asian Airline goes down; reporter pranked
Steve Harvey reduced to tears when surprised by family & friends for his 58th birthday
NYC rat catches & kills pigeon
Produced by Shell Momma Waldi 
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January 16, 2016

MR & Mrs English Podcast

MR & MRS English Podcast

2016 Fox Business GOP debate Highlights
Two Navy Vessels Captured with full crew by Iranians
Senator Ted Cruz insults New York City , Donald Trump Invokes memories of 911 in defense of NYC
Donald Trump doubles down on his position on immigration
Funny South African Car Guard
Burglar eaten by 11 foot Alligator while hiding from police
Maine Governor Paul Lepage Being Called " Racist " after remarks about Drug Dealing White Girl Impregnators
Pete English & Shell Momma Waldi
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January 9, 2016

60’s Psychedelic Playlist

Originally Mixed by Tezla V.A. 60's PSYCHEDELIC ACID ROCK  deleted from Youtube Remixed by Mr English
I Had Too Much to dream - The Electric Prunes
Baroque #1 - Ultimate Spinach
Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds
Train For Tomorrow - The electric Prunes
Nothing Stand in my way - The Space Cadets
Mind Flowers - ultimate Spinach
Pictures of Matchstick men - Status Quo
Look at me i'm you - Blossom Toes
I'm Not your Stepping Stone - The Flies
The Hip Death Goddess - Ultimate Spinach 
2000 light years from home - The Rolling Stones
Citadel - The Rolling Stones
Catatonic Lover - The Sacred Mushroom
painted Air - The Remaining Few
LSD  - The Pretty Things
Strange House - The Attack
My Friend Jack - The Smoke
Cheshire - Frumious Bandersnatch
Porpoise Song - The Monkees
Mobius Trip - H.P Lovecraft
Golden earrings - Gandalf
Legend Of a mind - The Moody Blues
Help I'm Lost - The minds eye
10,000 words in a cardboard box - The Aquarian age
High Flying Bird - H.P Lovecraft
House for everyone - Traffic
Trip #76 - The Deep
Mathar - Dave Pike Set
Dreamworld - The End
Never mind -The Moon
Paradise Flat - Status Quo
The red Telephone - Love
green Tambourine - Status Quo 
Don't let me be misunderstood - The Animals
Thats the bag I'm in - H.P Lovecraft
Astrologically Incompatible 
Got to be on my way -The Moon
Dream Starts -Elmer Gantrys Velvet Opera
The secret pleasure - The Holy Mackerel
Wildflowers - The Holy Mackerel
Todd's tune - PUPPY
General Confessional - The Electric Prunes 
Yesterday's Sunshine
The American metaphysical circus - THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Slightly Delic -The house of Nimrod
Only a Northern Song - The Beetles
Elevated observations - Hollies
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December 26, 2015

English & Ralph Podcast

English & Ralph Podcast 9
Ralph"s Hanukkah Story
Reporter gets angry and tells us the Real News '
Fox News Reporter Attacked by Husband and Wife 
Lawyer knocked out by client
Donald Trump at Freedomfest Confronted by Mexican Man protestor, who asks "Did you read the Statue of Liberty ?"
Donald Trump unloads on NBC's Chuck Todd
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December 20, 2015

English & Ralph Podcast

English & Ralph Podcast 8
Democratic Debate Tonight
Hillary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders
Man Dies in Ukrainian Talent show
Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls Donald Trump " Bright and Talented "
Woman Faints from Fart smell on live TV
Angry Man Unleashes Snakes in Indian Tax office
Mr. Hakkul, an Unhappy snake Charmer in Uttar Pradesh Norther India Unleashed a bag of snakes in a Tax Office in protest against alleged demands for Bribes from Officials.
Final Democratic debate for the year opening statements from final 3 candidates.
Former OPIE & ANTHONY CO HOST Anthony Cumia Arrested Saturday on Long Island. Allegedly Anthony faces various charges, including Strangulation,assault and unlawful imprisonment. Police say Cumia, 54, got into the altercation with a 26-year-old woman at his home on Horseshoe Lane around 11 a.m. Saturday  He was arrested at around 11 am in Roslyn Heights.
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December 13, 2015

English & Ralph Podcast

English & Ralph Podcast 7
Hillary Clinton Supporters seem Uninformed
Mark Dice Hillary Clinton supporters Think SHARIA LAW in America is a good Idea
What is Sharia law ?
Brutal Crimes occur during Christmas Season
Homeless man Attacked and Robbed of his cane & prosthetic leg
Comedian Ari Shafir
Offering Black People Free trips Back to Africa.

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December 6, 2015

English & Ralph Podcast

English & Ralph Podcast 6
Ralph Dental Nightmares
Ralph Goes to dentist to have a tooth pulled.
unexpected Flatulence
Fart in a Meeting
Guy Rips epic fart in Court, Judge throws tantrum
Most Entertaining man in AM Talk radio Michael Savage
Clips from December 03 Show 770 WABC
Bill O'Reilly Interviews Donald Trump
Donald Trump Mocks Overweight Heckler
Donald Trump on ISIS " I'm gonna Bomb the Shit out of them "
Presidential Candidate Comes into studio for an Interview
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