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March 26, 2016

Ralphy Unleashed # 18

Ralphy Unleashed # 18
brussels Attack
Living in a dangerous world
We Need Donald Trump for President Not Hillary Clinton
Racial profiling needed to control Terrorist Invasion
Liberals cannot be allowed to run this country into the ground with political correctness
Donald Trump Cannot be Bought
Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruze
John Kasich Needs to drop out of the race
Middle Eastern Nations must step up and help us control  this mass migration and fight terrorism
The Great Michael Savage latest Donald Trump interview
Our Donald trump comments on water boarding  & how he would handle Radical Islamic Terrorists
Dr Ben Carson on the View Being attacked by Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and fellow Yentas 
Our Donald Trump Comes To Ben Carson's defense
President Obama at baseball game in Cuba doing the wave while Brussels is Vulnerable
Clip POTUS hanging with Raul Castro in Cuba
Lying Ted Cruze
Nude Pictures of Trumps wife  with questionable statements attached used in slanderous anti Trump ad. Ted Cruze no doubt aware if not involved, Donald fires back with side by side compassion photo showing his wife and Ted Cruze wife.Ted Cruze Feints Outrage and plays white knight 
The Godfather gives his opinion of the Candidates 
Bernie Sanders does Standup comedy 
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March 20, 2016

Mr. & Mrs English Podcast

Mr. & Mrs English Podcast

Curtis & Kuby Roast
WABC at "The Cutting Room
Comedy Club"
We met: "Lionel', "Curtis Sliwa"', "Ron Kuby"
2nd Season of Daredevil started
"The Internet Vortex" & how Mr. English got sucked in
Chris Hansen "To Catch A Predator"
Still alive on Youtube & Great!
"Oh Shit!" moment for Momma Waldi
Chris Hansen catches a Predator; Man shows up to a home 
to meet a 14 year old girl, with "KY Jelly" in his back pocket!
8 Celebrities you have forgotten who have committed Horrible Crimes!
Brokered Convention
Donald Trump dividing the country as he surges ahead in the race for the GOP Nomination.
"Students for Donald Trump"
Donald Trump vs. Anonymous: Does it matter?
Anonymous takes aim at Ted Cruz.
Ex-Subway pitchman, Jared Fogel, beaten in prison, by 60 year old, 
armed robber, with a hatred of pedophiles.
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March 13, 2016

Mr & Mrs English Podcast

Mr & Mrs English Podcast
Chroma Key - You go now 2000
Mr. English's birthday!
Mr. English gets an 'Amazon Echo' for his birthday.
Alexa joins the show!  We demonstrate the Amazon Echo.
Ralph on the subway. 
Crazy man on train upset because someone stepped on his toe.
Donald Trump's weird old videos
Commercials, WWF, singing
Trump the Game
Trump Pizza Hut commercial
Donald Trump with cross-dressing Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Trump Steaks
Obama dances poorly with Ellen DeGeneres
Obama has aged, Badly, throughout his Presidency.
Donald Trump sings Green Acres
Katt Williams goes to Philly and gets stomped out at Jadakiss concert!
Katt Williams responds to 'alleged' beat down at concert.
WWE Hulk Hogan embarrassed over sex tape - Forced to admit that he doesn't have a 10 inch penis!
El-Chapo wants an immediate extradition to the  United States.
Donald Trump protester riots.
Rally in Chicago cancelled due to protesters and violence.
Protester punched in face while being escorted out of Donald Trump rally; By 78 year old man!
Mike Tyson empathizes with Donald Trump.
Protester throws tomatoes at Donald Trump.
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March 6, 2016

Ralphy Unleashed # 17

Ralphy Unleashed Podcast
Ralph notices an increased police presence on the New York City subway train system he also notices a lot of performers muggers and gropers
Ralph looks forward to eating his dinner after the show tilapia
Mitt Romney accuses Donald Trump of being a phony Ralph is outraged
Donald Trump response to Mitt Romney comments "Mitt Romney would have dropped to his knees" says Trump
Our Donald Trump response to Mitt Romney comments
Donald Trump in an old interview 1988 Oprah Winfrey Show & has the same mantra and was also asked if he would run for president 20 years ago
Donald Trump endorsed by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama
Mr Trump responds to Marco Rubio comments about the size of his hands and private parts
Our Donald Trump response directly to Marco Rubio and his comments about his penis size
Aunt Abeline gives commentary on last debate
Ralph not pleased with Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar acceptance speech Ralph points out Leo's hypocrisy and complete nonsense
Our Bernie Sanders on climate change
The Godfather comments from the grave on the Oscars
Ted Cruz gets a surprise endorsement from Caitlyn Jenner
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February 29, 2016

Mr & Mrs English Podcast

Mr & Mrs English Podcast 
Air - All I Need
Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz Nip & Bite at the Ankles of Donald Trump  
Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump, Trump gives Christie Cold Shoulder
Most Ungrateful Woman in the world
Cleveland cavaliers Kyle Irving Finds 5 bedbugs in Hotel room on his pillow night before big game
Hillary Clinton Describes young Black youth as Super Predators 
Conor Mcgregor " Even Jesus couldn't beat me "
EX Mexican President Outraged by Donald Trump comment a Build a Wall & having Mexico pay for it Former President responds " Im Not going to pay for that Fucking Wall ! " Donald Trump Responds " The wall just got 10 feet Taller "
Momma Waldi News
Harlem Woman Burns Stabs & Locks Boyfriend in Bedroom
Mr White Kills Mr Black 
Thats SNOT part of the story
A Very Crotchety Flossy Dickie Turns 110 years old and could give a Rats ass about it.
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February 20, 2016

Ralphy Unleashed # 16

Ralphy Unleashed podcast
Lazy Cops hanging out in groups instead of patrolling Trains properly
Ralph Believes adults shouldn't wear backpacks and should carry them instead and also stop with the eating on the train 
Pope francis Questions Donald Trumps Faith 
Donald Trump Claims the pope is being used as a pawn by the Mexican Government
Our Trump comments on Pope Francis Statements 
Supreme Court Justice antonin Scalia dead at age 79 
The Great Michael Savage Comments on Scalia Death and its very Suspicious nature
Our President Obama commenting on death of Justice Scalia 
Republican Debate Fireworks Donald Trump VS Jeb Bush and Family
Donald Trump outright accuses George W of Lying us into a False war and holds GW Bush responsible for 911
Our George Bush gives little Brother Jeb a Pep Talk
The Democratic Debate Starring Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton
Our Donald Trump comments on Democratic debate
Our very own Bernie sanders comments on Democratic debate
Surprise Bill clinton interview 
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February 6, 2016

Ralphy Unleashed Podcast #15

Ralphy Unleashed Podcast
Ralph's Experience traveling on NYC Subway System,a complete lack of security
Ralph thinks Donald trump made a huge mistake not appearing at last Iowa GOP Debate
Donald Trump addresses supporters after Iowa Caucus 
Ralph has exclusive Donald Trump clip
Senator Ted Cruz Iowa Speech
Donald Trump accuses ted Cruz of STEALING Ben Carson voters
Democratic Debate Hillary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders New Hampshire 2/4/16
Exclusive Ted Cruz Clip
The Godfather Himself Endorses Donald Trump,
Bill Cosby Criminal Trial WILL Proceed
Aunt Ableleen Revisit The show
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January 30, 2016

Mr & Mrs English Podcast

Mr & Mrs English Podcast 
Great shows on AM radio
IMUS in the morning, Curtis & Cuby, Michael Savage, Mark levin, Hannity, Rush
Donald Trump " My dad gave me a small loan of a Million Dollars "
Paul Le Page Outrage ,reminds us of Rob Ford and some of his wacky statements
Abe Vigoda Dead at 94, not a prank this time 
Chris Christie Insults young woman and State of New Jersey at New Hampshire Rally.
" Do you want me to go down there with a mop ? "
Donald Trump implies Megyn Kelly is on the Rag
Trump Skips last Fox Debate and explains why 
Momma Waldi News
Children find woman frozen in snow still holding shovel in New Jersey
911 call made by Paranoid Pot Smugglers
Hover boards Fun and danger an Unpleasant mix
6 year old boy rides Hover Board, which then burst into flames. Mother injured trying to extinguish board and front door. Father Outraged .
Iron Mike Tyson Former Heavy weight Boxing champion of the world takes a terrible tumble off a Hover board.
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January 25, 2016

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Mr English Reviews Marvel's Jessica Jones
I Have watched the series "Jessica Jones" on NetFlix with one episode to finish, and wanted to give my review and comparison of the show Jessica Jones with the Original Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics "ALIAS" to help fill in Blanks of this characters life which may or may not be present in the Netflix Original series.
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January 20, 2016

English Reeves Podcast

English Reeves Podcast
Mr. Reeves rejoins the show.
God Bless Ralph The Comedian
Caprice Down - Oddisee
Ralph The Comedian outraged because he was forced to miss the show by Mr. English
President Obama roasts Donald Trump at White House Correspondence Dinner- 2011
Political careers align
Mr. Reeves not amused by President Obama's jokes
Asian Airline goes down; reporter pranked
Steve Harvey reduced to tears when surprised by family & friends for his 58th birthday
NYC rat catches & kills pigeon
Produced by Shell Momma Waldi 
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